'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014
'White Noise' by Nick Hudson for Elle UK, June 2014

I was tagged by the lovely Raquel to answer the following…

1. (Copying Olivia because this actually was the first question I came up with weeks ago) How do you take your coffee or tea?

I don’t like coffee or ‘traditional tea’, I don’t really like hot drinks at all. I do like fruit teas (especially the teapigs varieties) and green teas, but prefer them iced.

2. What is your most recent read?

I’ve just finished reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson for the second time. A recommended read from me to everyone.

3. What memory do you associate with your favorite book?

It’s really hard to pick one favourite book! Up in the top three is 1984 by George Orwell - I read it in the first 2 days I moved up to London while travelling the tube network trying to find the easiest journey to my then university building. So I associate it with a great time of change, but nothing but happy change.

4. Describe the view from the nearest window.

Tall London townhouse-like buildings opposite the tall London townhouse-like building I live in.

5. Outside of your chosen area of study, what would you say is your favorite subject?

Psychology without a doubt. I think it’s a subject that can help the study of every other topic and help in every job and relationship.

6. Name a favorite film in a language you don’t primarily speak.

Probably Amelie -  a cliche, but an amazing film nevertheless.

7. (Copying Abby from forever ago) What do you order at your favorite restaurant? 

I don’t eat out much because there is a lot I can’t eat, but my favourite restaurant is probably The Wright Brothers in Soho, introduced to me as a surprise by friends on my birthday this year. And I would order the Mackerel with char-grilled peppers as a side. 

8. Describe your most frequently worn outfit.

Black, black and more black. 

9. You’re given ONE round trip ticket to ONE place. You can only bring ONE bag. Where do you go and what do you pack?

Oh… erm… that’s tough. I’d either go to Paris (seems a waste of a round trip as it’s so close) but I’d love to see all the art galleries again, there really is nothing more relaxing. Or I’d go to Sweden and I’d take my friend from work who is from there so I’d have the best guide for all the little off-beat places tourists miss. I’d pack 5 outfits, that I could wash and circulate to maximise book-packing space, lots of books, my macbook pro, my skin care products, and a white Moleskine to record my trip.

10. What TV show do you make all of your friends watch? Or instead, is there a show you watch out of obligation?

I don’t have a TV or watch much TV, but a friend made me start watching House of Cards - I used to watch it out of obligation, but now I’m equally obsessed with it.

11. What one beauty product can you not live without? (Assuming sunscreen is implied).

I can’t possibly pick between Bioderma and Chanel’s non-waterproof mascara.

I’ll tag: Scarlett, odetofemininity, theepitomeofquiet, irisum, lechrysantheme, I’ll be predictable in tagging Raquel back and anyone else really…

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odetofemininity: What are 6 items that would be in your dream closet?
  1.  Hermes Kelly Bag, red rouge, 35cm with silver hardware.
  2. Repetto ballerina flats in patent black.
  3. That perfect tailored white satin/silk shirt/blouse with tiny gold buttons you spend a life time looking for. (Celine made one years ago but I can’t find a picture, a bit like this, but a different colour.)
  4. Cream or white silk pyjamas and a short dressing gown.
  5. Tom Ford patent leather pump in nude.
  6. The grey coat in the first look at Stella McCartney F/W 2010.


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